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Inside the brain of patients with AADC deficiency the amount of dopamine and serotonin is very low. This is because the AADC enzyme is responsible for the production of both dopamine and serotonin. Surprisingly however, it was noticed in 1998 that some patients with AADC deficiency have normal or even high levels of dopamine in their urine. This suggested that at least some AADC patients do have the ability to produce large amounts of dopamine and understanding this could help find a new treatment to increase dopamine production in the brain. Because of this Dr Marcel Verbeek and Dr Michel Willemsen set out to discover how these patients had high amounts of dopamine in their urine. More here... http://www.aadcresearch.org/page/urinary-dopamine-in-aadc-deficiency/ Continue reading
As the number of patients diagnosed with AADC deficiency has grown it has become clear that the disorder presents with a complex range of symptoms and that these are variable between each patient. The route to diagnosis has not been straightforward for many patients and although a range of treatment options are available the response of different patients to treatment is highly variable. To improve our clinical understanding of AADC deficiency and other related disorders the International Working Group on Neurotransmitter Related Disorders (iNTD) has been established. Continue reading