eBear's Boutique

eBear’s Boutique is stocked full of donated items from the public, however we pride ourselves on selling high quality items, for low cost prices! Any donated items that are unable to be sold in the shop or on our eBay site still make money for the charity… Any unwanted items of clothing are sold in bulk, along with any books, DVD’s and CD’s which are bought by a local company. We endeavour to make money from anything given to us, in whatever capacity we can.


At eBear’s Boutique we also stock two lines of brand-new products; ‘Beau Diamond’ and ‘Emi& Jim’. Beau Diamond is a local jewellery designer and supporter of The AADC Research Trust, who produces a refreshingly edgy and alternative take on the diamond shape throughout his line of beautiful pieces. A percentage of every piece sold at eBear’s Attic goes to The AADC Research Trust. Similarly, ‘Emi & Jim’ donate a percentage of every item sold, to our projects from their beautifully hand-made home wear and gifts as well as beautiful kids wear range.