Hi, everyone!  

THANK YOU for all your efforts so far in supporting AADC Research, and to express how vitally important you are to the Trust and to the health of our AADC children!

We would love to hear about your great fundraising ideas, comments, reviews, constructive criticism and feedback, all the things that will remind us that you are still by our side and supporting our efforts for the good of all AADC children. 

Your ideas to raise our profile will also be welcomed, perhaps via media, social networks, websites, flyers etc. There are of course many manageable ways to help us continue funding AADC Research and ‘to help you to help us’ we have devised a list of possible options. One of these ideas may perhaps appeal to you enough to rally your family, friends, neighbours, or work colleagues together to take part with you in the chosen event.

Maybe you see yourself organising a local fundraising get-together, which might be a straight forward coffee morning or car boot sale, or a larger scale event such as a Dance or Race Night.

The great thing about community events is that they bring people together to have fun and enjoy themselves and at the same time raise valuable funds to help with our work.  Individual or group sponsored events are always popular such as a walk, swim, bike ride or fun run! 

Most of all fundraise and 'Bee different by doing it for AADC Research'

For more information on Fundraising for AADC email 

Alternatively please contact us by completing the form below...