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Government Funding

The AADC Trust is working with Governments Worldwide...

We are currently working very hard with governments and local authorities worldwide to procure funding for our AADCd children to access the pioneering

AAV2-hAADC Gene Therapy treatment, available via Professor Krystoff Bankiewicz and Professor Miroslaw Zabek at the Interventional Neurotherapy Center, Brodno Hospital, Warsaw, Poland.

The AADC Trust provides an intermediary role between the physicians, the families and the authorities. We are also collating and processing all of the essential supporting documentation.

Ted post op in hospital room with Lisa.j
A word from the Managing Director...

Prof Manju Kurian, Lisa Flint, Prof Miroslaw Zabek, Prof Krystof Bankiewicz, Ted & Ted's dad Sven shortly after having Gene Therapy surgery at The Neurotherpay Center, Poland July 2019

"In our opinion the cost of long term care for our patient population far outweighs the cost for them to receive the 'one time'

AAV2-hAADC Gene Therapy treatment. We are working hard to ensure that governments around the world understand and appreciate this."

Lisa Flint

How to get involved...


You can donate via our #oneRAREstep JustGiving main campaign page or, if there is a particular AADCd effected child that you would like to support, please select their individual personal appeals.  

Social Media...

For more information and updates on the Campaign please follow us on our Social Media platforms...

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Disclaimer: The AADC Trust reserves the right, that in the event it successfully raises the required funds or acquires government funds from the country where a child resides, to cover the treatment, we will use any surplus funds raised from their personal page, to assist with their off treatment costs, such as travel and accommodation. Any remaining funds will be used by the Trust for the purpose of this Campaign, including distributing them to other children registered for the treatment.

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