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AADCd Family Workshop 1
AAV2-hAADC Gene Therapy in Poland & USA
Key Speakers

Professor Krystof Bankiewicz and Dr Toni Pearson discuss AAV2-hAADC Gene Therapy to the Substansia Nigra Ventral and  Tegmental area of the brain currently performed in Poland and the USA.

  • Professor Bankiewicz shares fascinating insights into this pioneering neurosurgical treatment.

  • Dr Toni Pearson shares their incredible findings as they follow each patients journey both pre and post Gene Therapy treatment.

All five AADCd Family Workshops have been transcripted and are available in English, Mandarin and Portuguese with more languages to follow.

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Transcripts by Julie Ramsay

Verified by Lisa Flint, Professor Krystof Bankiewicz & Dr Toni Pearson

Translated by 

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