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Gene Therapy Treatment Technology

The ClearPoint® Navigation System Software is an intuitive, menu-driven software for surgical planning, navigation to target, and device delivery. The software and MRI-compatible workstation coordinate with the scanner to effectively utilise intraprocedural MR images. This provides real-time navigational instruction for the neurosurgeon to reach the desired anatomical target with a high degree of precision.

The SmartFlow® Cannula

The SmartFlow® MR Compatible Ventricular Cannula has received 510(k) clearance from the FDA for use in the US for the aspiration of CSF, or injection of the chemotherapy drug Cytarabine into the ventricle. It has also been CE marked for use in Europe for the delivery of approved fluids into the brain or aspiration of CSF. It’s being utilised in approved clinical and preclinical studies for various research and drug trials. This device is not intended for implant and is intended for single patient use only.


Why is MR Compatibility Important?

  • MRI provides real-time confirmation of cannula placement and infusate coverage

  • Allows for accurate dosing to regions of interest in the brain

  • Enables intra-procedural adjustments to improve distribution

  • Allows for comparison of patient outcomes to infusion parameters

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