AADCd Sibling Story Book:

Jake, Blue Bear, Raffi and Yellow Magic Flowers

"Jake lived in a tepee. He wore feathers on his head, a bow with arrow on his back and a small blanket in his red bag. Jake was a normal Indian child, but something made him special, super-special...………..."

If you want to find out what makes it so special to be Jake we invite you to read "Jake, Teddy Blue, Raffi the Bumble Bee and the Mystical Yellow Flowers", a story that will teach you more about the defects of neurotransmitters and how love and friendship can do truly magical things.

Although we haven't included all the symptoms you will understand the main ones that AADC deficient patients suffer, moreover, the importance of helping them as much as possible to be comfortable in their daily life.

This story reinforces that sometimes, research into rare diseases can be helpful for other patients with more common conditions like Parkinson Disease.

In this story whilst looking up at a bright starry sky, we can believe like "Jake, Teddy Blue, Raffi and the Bumble Bee and the Mystical Yellow Flowers" that love, friendship and understanding can truly make magical things happen.




Developed jointly with Lisa Flint, Founder and Managing Director of The AADC Research Trust.

Paper version of the book is available for parents of AADCd children please email enquiries@aadcresearch.org for information about how to get one.

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Please click on the link to visit the San Joan de Deu Hospital (Barcelona) page, where you can read the English, Spanish and Catalan versions of the book. We are in the process of adding more translations, so please do keep checking....

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