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Our Patron

Having already worked so hard for the AADC Research Trust, we're proud to announce that pop diva Gabrielle officially nominated us as her chosen charity.

The star, who has enjoyed a string of worldwide hits, has proved an invaluable patron to the AADCd, attending sponsored walks and our fund-raising gala's where she performed her greatest hits to rapturous applause.

She also brought the house down at our successful barn dance when she staged a mini concert, much to everyone's delight.

What's more, she's always been incredibly generous in giving up her valuable time to sign autographs and be photographed with her fans - over and beyond the call of duty, we're sure you will agree!

I know all of you involved with the AADCd will wish Gabrielle well after releasing her 6th studio album, Under My Skin, this year.

As a single mum, the singer has always juggled motherhood with her career and after a lengthy break from making music, she felt the time was right to head back into the limelight.

Thank you for helping to raise the profile of this Trust and being instrumental in raising AADCd disease awareness.

Gabrielle, we wish you every success and look forward to seeing you soon. From all the families and children suffering with AADC deficiency.

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