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Medical & Scientific Advisory Members

United Kingdom
Simon Heales 2 Pic.png
Professor Simon Heales

Consultant Clinical Scientist & UCL, London. Head of Neurometabolic Unit at NHL, London. Head of Enzyme & Metabolic Unit Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK

George Allen Pic.jpg
George Allen PhD

Trainee Clinical ScientistClinical Chemistry, Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Dr Keith Hyland

Executive Vice President

Medical Nerogenetics Laboratories, Atlanta, USA

MITA (002).jpg
Professor Mita Bertoldi

Professor of Biochemistry

University of Verona, Italy

Dr Wang-tso Lee.jpg
Dr Wang-Tso Lee

Professor& Chief of Department of Pediatric Neurology, Professor & Chief of Department of Pediatrics & Graduate Institute of Brain & Mind Sciences, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Professor Manju Kurian

Professor of Neurogenetics & NIHR Research Professor, Honorary Consultant  Peadiatric Neurologist Great Ormond Street Hospital & UCL, London, UK

Dr David Gaze.jpg
Dr David Gaze

Lecturer in Clinical Biochemistry

Department of Biomedical Science University of Westminster, London, UK

Professor Krystof Bankiewicz.jpg
Professor Krystof Bankiewicz

Professor & Chair Ohio State University, San Francisco, USA Founder & CEO Brain NeuroTherapy Bio, San Fancisco, USA, Professor & Chair UCSF, California, USA

Dr Roser Pons.jpg
Dr Roser Pons

Associate Professor Paediatric

Neurology, Agia Sofia Hospital

National & Kapodistrian

University of Athens, Greece

Marcel Verbeek 2.jpg
Dr Marcel Verbeek

Neurochemist & Associate Professor

Principal Investigator of Medical Neurosciences. Principal Investigator of Brain, Cognition & Behaviour, Donders Institute, Radbound University, The Netherlands

Georg hOFFMAN.jpg
Professor Georg Hoffman

Professor of Paediatrics & Chairman of the University Children's Hospital, Heidelberg, Head of Newborn Screening, Head of the Centre for Rare Diseases, University of Heldelberg, Germany

Nenad Blau.jpg
Professor Nenad Blau

Senior Consultant Biochemical Genetics, University Children's Hospital, Heidelberg Germany

Professor in Biochemistry & Metabolic Disorders, University of Zurich, Switzerland

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