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AADC Conferences & Webinars


The Trust has held multiple International AADCd Medical, Scientific and Family Conferences. AADCd experts and families from around the world come together to connect and discuss the latest research and developments. Click on the links to find out more ...


The Trust held five AADCd Family Workshops. Each workshop covered different disease related topics, discussed by leading AADCd experts.  They are visual, simple to understand and packed full of important information for carers. Please click on the links to find out more ...

Family Workshop 1 Image KB and TP.png

AAV2-hAADC Gene Therapy in Poland &


Professor Krystof Bankiewicz & Dr Toni Pearson

Family Workshop 3 Image RP.png

A Clinical Presentation of AADCd; Understanding the Symptoms & Treatments

Dr Roser Pons

Family Workshop 2 Image WTL.png

PS128 Study; The Possible Benefits for AADCd Children

Dr Wang-Tso Lee

Family Workshop 4 Image MB.png

Understanding Phenotype Vs Genotype in AADCd

Professor Mita


Family Workshop 5 Image SH.png

Understanding the Biochemistry in AADCd

Professor Simon


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