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AADCd Family Workshop 2

PS128 Study; Possible Benefits for AADcd Children
Key Speaker
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Dr Wang-Tso Lee

Chief of Department of Pediatric Neurology, & Department of Pediatrics & Graduate Institute of Brain & Mind Sciences, National Taiwan University, Children's Hospital

Dr Wang-Tso Lee discusses the extremely popular topic of the PS128 Probiotic. Dr Lee shares his findings so far from the open-label study he has conducted with PS128 on mice models and his thoughts on the potential benefits as a supplementary treatment for children suffering with AADCd.

To view Workshop 2 please click on the video ...

All five AADCd Family Workshops have been transcripted and are available in English, Mandarin and Portuguese with more languages to follow.

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Transcripts by Julie Ramsay

Verified by Lisa Flint & Dr Wang-Tso Lee

Translated by 

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