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AADCd Family Workshop 4

Understanding Phenotype Vs Genotype in AADCd

Key Speaker
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Professor Mita Bertoldi

Professor Department of Neurosciences, Biomedicine & Movement Sciences, University of Verona, Italy

Professor Mita Bertoldi discusses a complicated topic in the understanding of Phenotype Vs Genotype in AADCd. She breaks down this technical subject and explains the difference between an organisms genotype; the set of genes that it carries, and an organisms phenotype; it's observable characteristics, influenced by both it's genotype and the environment. 

All five AADCd Family Workshops have been transcripted and are available in English, Mandarin and Portuguese with more languages to follow.

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Transcripts by Julie Ramsay

Verified by Lisa Flint & Professor Mita Bertoldi

Translated by 

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