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PS128 Study; The Possible Benefits in AADCd 

Dr Wang-Tso Lee; Study of PS128

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AIPEI, Feb. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Bened Biomedical, a leading Taiwanese probiotic company, has announced a successful clinical study for its PS128 psychobiotic in treating symptoms of Parkinson's disease (PD). The study was led by a neurologist, Dr. Chin-Song Lu, a renowned researcher for PD in Taiwan.

Psychobiotics are probiotics which yield specific mental health benefits. PS128, a strain of Lactobacillus plantarum, is able to modulate dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitter levels. When these levels are abnormal, conditions such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), depression, and PD can arise. In separate prior studies, PS128 has been shown to be effective against autism and depression.

In this pioneer study, PS128 was used as adjunct treatment for a group of twenty-five PD patients for three months. Participants continued to take their own prescribed anti-Parkinsonian medications throughout the study. Significant improvements were shown in motor symptoms and in subjective reported quality of life.

"At Bened Biomedical, we keep serving the world as a leader in developing psychobiotics. We are glad to provide PS128 as a product that effectively complements therapies already being used for Parkinson's disease. It offers new opportunities to enhance treatment regimens for Parkinson's patients," said Dr. Alain Delpy, Head of International Development at Bened.

PS128 reduces MPO, a possible source of Parkinson's Disease symptoms

A disabling symptom known as akinesia, the loss of motor control, often manifests as disturbing clumsiness of limb movement in PD patients. Reversing this difficult aspect of Parkinson's would literally be life-changing, as akinesia impacts nearly all daily activities.

Such symptoms of PD may be caused by a neuroinflammatory molecule known as MPO. The study showed MPO levels dropped after PS128 administration by disrupting neurotoxin transport at the pathway between the brain and intestinal system.

"Research into the causes of Parkinson's has shown the disease being related to what goes on in the gut, which led us to believe probiotics may be an effective intervention," said Dr. Lu.

PS128 improves patient's UPDRS scores by more than 10%

Nightly administration of PS128 for 12 weeks demonstrated the overall Unified Parkinson Disease Rating Scale scores were improved by 11.3% in the on-state and 14.3% in the off-state. Interestingly, akinesia scores were improved by 16.8% in the off-state.

Notably, administration of PS128 might ameliorate neuroinflammation and increase antioxidant activity. It might enhance levels of biomolecules that encourage growth, survival, and differentiation of neurons in PD-mouse models.

According to Bened Biomedical, currently, the most common Parkinson's medication is levodopa, which replenishes dopamine. However, its effectiveness decreases over time, and PS128 may help compensate for this decrease.

"This study shows PS128's potential for alleviating on- and off-state symptoms," said Delpy. "As a natural ingredient, PS128 also can be used without the worry of additional side effects that often come from Parkinson's drugs."

Dr. Allen Wu, a chief scientist at Bened, added that the all-natural product may be a breakthrough for Parkinson's. "It's the first single-strain probiotic proven to be effective on PD," says Wu.

PS128 is available in nearly 30 countries around the world, spanning Europe, North America, Australia, and throughout Asia. Looking forward, Bened Biomedical will be testing PS128 on Tourette syndrome and Rett syndrome patients in advance.

About Bened Biomedical

Bened Biomedical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015 in Taipei, Taiwan, as a spin-out from Yang-Ming University(NYMU). The company focuses on advanced technologies and products in microbiome-based therapy for neuropsychological, aging-related, allergic, immunological, and metabolic disorders. Bened's main aim is to develop functional probiotic strains that can alter human microbiome to prevent and treat diseases. The name "Bened," derived from the Latin word for "full of blessings," affirms the brand's hope to bless the world through its products.

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