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Where to start...

It all starts with an idea…

To get the most out of your fundraiser there are a number of things to think about. Take one step at a time and you will arrange a brilliant event. We think everyone who raises money for The AADC Trust is very special, so keep us posted about your plans by contacting and we will support you where we can! 

What's the best time and place? 

Pick a date and time that is best for you and your friends. Keep your eyes out for any other events to make sure your dates don’t clash and remember to leave yourself plenty of time to organise as it may take longer than you think!
Select a venue that’s big enough and has everything you might need. The venue will need a licence for live music or selling alcohol - so make sure to check this beforehand! 

How much money can I spend? 

Start your event planning with a sensible and simple budget. List all your expected costs and estimate how much money you will have coming in through ticket sales, sponsorship etc. Look at ways to keep your costs down. Ask your friends to help and volunteer, ask local companies to donate raffle prizes or even sponsor your event. You‘ll be surprised at what people will give when they are asked! 

Make a checklist 

Before your event, make sure you have everything in hand and ready. You will need to think about how many helpers and volunteers you will need and make sure you ask them well in advance. Check what equipment is needed and what you will do if the unexpected happens, like bad weather?  Make sure you are as prepared as you can be.
Let the world know…
The date is set, the venue is booked, so you now need to let as many people as possible know about your event. 

Go to the press! 

Contact your local newspaper, radio and television stations to promote your fundraising. Tell them about the charity, about your fundraising event and any personal story you have as to why you are raising money. Invite them along to your event to take pictures and run a story.
Facebook and Twitter 

Get Tweeting and posting on Facebook to let all your friends and family know about your event. Ask them to share details and write regular updates to keep the interest going. You could offer special promotions, share photos, ask for donations and volunteers all through social media. We will post on our social media too so make sure you keep us informed.

The big day…

Is everything ready? Check your volunteers are briefed, your equipment is ready and working. Make a big statement by decorating your venue – maybe use a blue theme as this corresponds with the AADC Trust. We can also supply Charity leaflets, etc so please do ask via

If there is time at your event it is always good to let people know your motivation for raising the money and tell them a bit about The AADC Trust too, as well as inspiring people to donate more money, it may also inspire them to do their own fundraising event.

It is very important to say a massive “Thank you” to everyone who has helped to make your event a success, the helpers, the sponsors, the donors and the guests. 

After the event 

Count up the money you have raised and send it to The AADC Trust (see separate sheet on how to send your money in.) Don’t forget to declare Gift Aid!

Thank you so much for supporting The AADC Trust and good luck!

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