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                                                                                          IT'S OUR 10th BIRTHDAY...
Our 3rd International AADC 2-day Conference is an important milestone in The AADC Research Trust's history. As it celebrates it's 10th Anniversary we hope that our dedication and commitment to this disorder over the years will be marked by the news that the long awaited Gene Therapy Trials will finally get underway. The past 10 years have been hard, very hard, not only fundraising for research projects that may or may not help our rare group of sick children, but it's been hard mostly because I had to watch families I've grown to know and love over the years say goodbye to their sick children as they devastatingly pass away from this highly complex brain disease. 

The overwhelming sense of failure is heart wrenching but I know this emotion is slightly unbalanced, we have been involved in some incredible changes for this disease and the future is definitely brighter, we have to really believe that. We must brush ourselves down and push on, because all our surviving AADC children's lives are depending on it, including my own son's.
Lisa Flint